The real majesty

Jordan’s King Abdullah II to restore Jesus’ Tomb

Impressive stateliness, dignity. Imposing character; grandeur. Many synonyms  can describe the word “majesty”. According to protocol, that’s the correct way to address a monarch, however, a very few are really worthy of the adjective. Not many rulers have at heart the real interest of their people.

Once upon a time, there was this kingdom. The only treasure, its people. A kind, honest and hospitable people. The only abundance, sand. Alias, no oil. But this small and poor kingdom would be the most stable nation of its region. And when the whole world asked “why”, the answer was simple: a great king to rule a great people.

Today it was announced that King Abullah II of Jordan will pay for the restoration of the Jesus’ Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. The Holy Sepulcher has been the holiest site of Christian pilgrimage since the 4th century. The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem reports that the restoration work was needed because scientific studies had revealed grave problems of moisture from the “condensation of the breath of visitors,” and oxidation due to candle smoke.

Since Jordan is a poor country, King Abdullah will pay for the project with his personal money. That’s a real king, a real Muslim, a real humanitarian, but above all, a real human being.

King Abdullah II of Jordan, you’re not only deserving of our respect and gratitude but, beyond a single solitary doubt, wondrously worthy of the word “majesty”.

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII

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2 thoughts on “The real majesty

  1. I have always liked this man. I like him even more for this gesture of kindness. I have enjoyed some wonderful times in his country.


  2. While Jerusalem and its environs are geographically part of Israel, Jordan administers the holy sites within the city (I assume as a effort to allay any fears of the Islamic population). While there are other examples which are not as good as this, this unilateral action by King Abdullah II is worthy of praise by every peace-loving person on earth.


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