Prince Gharios El Chemor meets Lebanese Minister Gebran Bassil in NY

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor with HE Gebran Bassil Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants

After participating in the 3rd Lebanese Diaspora Energy event last May in Beirut, the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants officially invited Prince Gharios El Chemor for the event’s first regional version, the Lebanese Diaspora Energy – North America in New York City (September 16th and 17th).

The Minister personally invited Prince Gharios for the next international event, the 4th Lebanese Diaspora Energy, in Beirut in May 2017.

The Lebanese Diaspora events are very exclusive, not open to the general public. Below the criteria to participate:

Necessarily an individual of Lebanese origin residing abroad.

  • Currently or formerly holding a high official position (political, religious, military, or judicial) whether on the national, federal, provincial, or municipal level in the country of residency.
  • Currently or formerly holding a high managerial position in a company / organization / international organization within the private or public sector (CEO, CFO, CCO, General Director, etc.).
  • Academia / Sciences: President of a university, Dean of a faculty, highly recognized and published researcher, awardee, patent holder, etc.
  • Sports: National or international participation with recognition.
  • NGOs / Diaspora Institutions with good records and high membership base within the Lebanese Diaspora.
  • Media figure of high standing.
  • Entrepreneur / Investor of a big company (in size, outreach, etc.).
  • Artist of international fame (awardee, sales records, cinema actor / producer, etc.).
  • Individual having a success story of national or international recognition.


More about the Lebanese Diaspora Energy event please Click HERE


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