Prince Gharios El Chemor issues Royal Decree

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Even being fully historically and legally entitled to the “Imperial address” (LEARN MORE HERE), Prince Gharios El Chemor has decided, for purely practical reasons, no longer use the “Imperial Highnessaddress for the moment. The decree was signed on February 18th and the members of the Royal House of Ghassan were already “unofficially” using only “Royal Highness” or simply “Highness” for some time and the “Sovereign Imperial and Royal House of Ghassan” is usually referred simply as “The Royal House of Ghassan” informally. The decree didn’t affect the official name of the House, remaining therefore “Sovereign Imperial and Royal“.

The decision doesn’t mean in any way a renunciation of those imperial claims and titles, but simply an abbreviation of an address that although exists legally, it’s just a mere courtesy or a formality.

Following the full text of the Imperial and Royal Decree:

Imperial and Royal Decree No. 00018/2018

His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan
By the Grace of God,

Chief of Name and Arms of the Sovereign Imperial and Royal House of Ghassan, Chief of Name and Arms of the Imperial House of Nikephoros, Basileus Araves, Sheikh El Chemor of Akoura and Zgharta-Zawiye

To all to whom this Patents shall come, Greeting!
Whereas the Ghassanid Kings have received the Imperial Title “Basileus Araves”,
Whereas His Imperial Majesty Nikephoros I, Roman Emperor of the East (Byzantium) claimed to be a direct descendant and heir of The Ghassanid King Jabalah VI and therefore the Head of the Ghassanid Dynasty,
Whereas all of His Majesty’s heirs were killed or sterilized by the usurper successors leaving the Heads of the Ghassanid Dynasty as legitimate heirs of the Imperial House of Nikephoros, This House historically and lawfully uses the Imperial Dignity.

However, due to the lack of common usage of this Imperial address by Arab Traditional Monarchies, Now Know Ye that henceforth and by this Decree, all Princes from the House shall use the style “His Royal Highness” instead of “His Imperial and Royal Highness”.
This Act has only practical effects and it is Not, in any way, shape or form, a renunciation of our Imperial Titles and Rights.

Signed with the Great Seat in Los Angeles, United States of America, on February 18th, 2018.   


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