Royal House of Ghassan in Lebanon has its 1st Annual Gala Event

Last Friday, May 18th, The Royal House of Ghassan in Lebanon held its first annual dinner, under the patronage and presence of HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Nu’man VIII , at Le Maillon Club – Beirut.

Around 150 people attended the dinner from different professional backgrounds, coming from different Arab countries such Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Jordan.

The ceremony began with the welcoming speech of Prince Gharios El Chemor, who thanked the attendees for their presence, and stressed on the importance of the active role played by the Ghassanids in the history, by being a link between the Western world and the Arab world. Prince Gharios also shared about the role and services that the Royal House of Ghassan is doing today, through the interfaith, reconciliation and peace-building programs. The prince has also mentioned the importance of such event having together leaders and followers of several Christian denominations along with Shia and Sunni Muslims breaking bread together in a celebration of peace. Prince Gharios El Chemor finished his speech by paying an emotional tribute to the late HRH prince Sheikh Antonius El Chemor, father of HRH Prince Sheikh Selim and considered as the honorary co-founder of the modern Royal House of Ghassan.

Sheikh Dr. Elie Gharios, Chairman and CEO of the Royal House of Ghassan in Lebanon, delivered a speech on the history of the ancient Ghassanids people and their successes in many fields, pointing out on the importance of the qualities they enjoyed: Knighthood, generosity, progress and passion for development, as well as cultural and religious openness in the world.

After that, Ms. Joyce Mansour Doumit the Managing Director of the Royal House of Ghassan – Lebanon, invited the Lebanese and Arab personalities to receive the certificates of the Royal House in honor of their pioneering social and human successes. In her speech, Ms. Doumit referred to the committee formed by the members of the Royal House of Ghassan – HQ who selected to honor prominent figures in their leading role in society, in Lebanon and in the Arab world, by bestowing upon them the Order of Saint Michael Archangel, with the rank of knight and Dame.

His Royal Highness Prince Gharios El Chemor along with HH Sheikh Dr. Elie Gharios, and HRH Prince Sheikh Selim El Chemor delivered the honors.

The degrees and titles of Knight and Dame have been presented to the following personalities:

Ms. Graziella Seif: President of the International Ambassadors Union in the United States of America

Sheikh Hussein al-Ramahi: Iraqi businessperson and prominent politician

Mr. George Kopali: Lebanese businessperson

Pascal Fleifly Ghanem: Lebanese media personality

Sheikh Rafik Al-Abdullah: Ghassanid Syrian social activist

– Lawyer Khalil Melhem: Lawyer and consultant in commercial cases

Dr. Rita Nabhan Hatem: Teacher at Saint Joseph University

Mr. Mourad Al-Ghadhawi: Owner of media agencies and political and social activist in Iraq

Mr. Anastas Murr: Lebanese businessperson

Mr. Samir Haddad: Lebanese businessperson and social activist

Ms. Nada Hindi: Social activist and active member of the Royal House of Ghassan

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