Lebanese newspaper article mentions the El Chemor family being related to former Nicaraguan President

Her Excellency VioletaChamorro was President of Nicaragua from 1990 until 1997. She was the first elected female head of state in the Americas. She is also known for ending the Contra War, the final chapter of the Nicaraguan Revolution, and bringing peace to the country. She was the first and, to date, only woman to hold the position of president in Nicaragua.

The following article not only mentions the relation between the El Chemor family and the Nicaraguan President, but also mentions the family’s titles and its documented and notorious connection with the Ghassanids:

A Woman From Our Country Rules “Nicaragua”

Picture label: Donna Violeta and behind her the picture of her husband that was killed by Somoza men.


Name: Violeta Chamorro, president of Nicaragua (Process of handing over presidency.)

These news wouldn’t have meant anything to me if it weren’t about Violeta and my beloved brother Nassif el Chemor, who were cousins. And so, the news became my concern and drove me to write after I have not seen her for a long time, and for these reasons:

1. Violeta is Lebanese and from our region.

2. She is a relative of Sheikh Nassif, number one friend of the writers.

3. The Lebanese newspapers haven’t yet shed light on the Lebanese roots of Chamorro.

Let Ortega, the Contras and all of Nicaragua understand… I do not interfere in their respective politics. I, like their leader of Lebanese origins, do not like politics.


And let Violeta know that she has to know the Sheikh Nassif and enter his old office, which smells of black ink – everybody’s bread – and manuscripts and old books… And only five people are allowed to enter the Sheikh’s office. I do not use this right, but, I peek on the office’s surroundings and the office of references from a wooden door!…

The Chemors are descendants of the Ghassanids, according to the historical references, and they are amazing poets…


The important thing is, a private wing in Nicaragua has been built lately in the basement of the Sheikh (Center of Cultural Intelligence.): The pictures of Violeta Chamorro – excuse me, Chemor, fill the famous office, and they are newly cut out from magazines (The Knights, Time, Paris Match…)…

Special thanks to HRH Prince Sheikh Antoine El Chemor for the archive and to Thea Doumit for the translation

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