Descendant of Blessed Patriarch Duaihy joins “One Voice for Christians”

Last Saturday, at the beautiful city of Ehden in North Lebanon, one of the main representatives of the Duaihy family joined the project “One Voice for Christians”. Mr Boutros Duaihy, a former CEO of the water company of Zgharta and a known author is one of the heads and spokespersons of the family and promoter of his ancestor, the Blessed Maronite Patriarch Estephen Duaihy (1630-1704). Blessed Duaihy is considered one of the greatest middle eastern historians of the 17th century and is in the final steps of becoming a saint since 2008 when he was declared “Blessed” by Pope Benedict XVI. Mr Boutros is the president of the Lebanese commission for the beatification of the Patriarch. Blessed Duaihy was also one of the historians to mention the ruling El Chemor Sheikhs in his chronicles of the Maronite history. Mr Boutros was interviewed for the series of documentaries and declared himself supporter of the cause. For his promotion of the life of Blessed Patriarch Duaihy, he was bestowed with the order of saint Michael Archangel. In the delegation that visited Mr Boutros Duaihy was HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor, Sheikh Dr Elie Gharios, Mr Petro Al Achkar, Mr Firas and Prof Sarah Kanji, Mr Carl Doumit, Mr Toni Partamian and his assistant Michel.


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