“One Voice for Christians” releases ‘insight series’ about the Arab Spring

One Voice for Christians” is an initiative of the Royal House of Ghassan, a certified international nonprofit organization accredited by the United Nations with the Special Consultative Status since 2016. Based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, it has tax-deductible statusrecognized by the IRS under the Internal Revenue Code 26 U.S.C. § 501(c) and it’s also active in Canada, Brazil, Germany, Lebanon and Jordan. 

The initiative is not another organization to defend the rights of persecuted Christians. The goal is to create an international multimedia platform addressing the imminent exodus and extinction of Christians in the Middle East. Congregating organizations from all over the world and working closely with governments and all Christian denominations in the region, raising awareness, creating events, documentaries and above all, ultimate strategies to prevent this unfolding tragedy. 

The ‘insight series‘ is composed of short comments about some issue made by relevant individuals. The first part of the seriesThe Christians and the Arab Spring” makes a reflection about the middle eastern movement and its consequences to the Christian populations in the Middle East. The interviewed was General Michel Nahas, from the Lebanese Army (Ret.)

More about the initiative, please visit www.OneVoiceChristians.Org

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