HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor issues Royal Decree regarding the Order of Saint Michael

Following the full text of the Imperial and Royal Decree:

“Imperial and Royal Decree No. 0008/2019

His Royal Highness Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan


By the Grace of God,

Chief of Name and Arms of the Sovereign Imperial and Royal House of Ghassan, Chief of Name and Arms of the Imperial House of Nikephoros, Basileus Araves, Sheikh El Chemor of Akoura and Zgharta-Zawiye

To all to whom this Patents shall come, Greeting!

Whereas it’s documented that the Ghassanids were some of the first Christian knights in history, protecting the Holy Land centuries before the first Crusade, even though not organized in orders of chivalry “per se” they were pioneers of the medieval and modern concept of chivalry. Therefore, it’s more than reasonable that the Royal House of Ghassan can continue this chivalric tradition. The main order of this Royal House is the Sacred Order of Saint Michael Archangel, received and recognized by popes, heads of State, religious leaders and VIPs all over the world. Based upon this fact we’ve decided the following:

1st – Due to the existence of a homonymous entity registered in the 1980’s in the State of California, without any relation to our Royal House and Orders, we’ve decided by this Imperial and Royal Decree to change the denomination of our Order to “Equestrian Order of Michael Archangel” or EOMA. The ranks of the order are: Knight/Dame, Knight/Dame Commander, Grand Knight/Dame Commander, Knight/Dame Grand Cross and Knight/Dame Grand Collar. The knights and dames holding ranks from the “Sacred Order of Saint Michael Archangel” will just replace the order’s denomination without any prejudice to their titles.

2nd – Due to recent violent conflicts in the Middle East and our interest in promoting immediate aid through medical missions and incentive to the health professionals, we have decided to create a separate category of knights in the “Equestrian Order of Michael Archangel”, the “Hospitaller Knights”. This new category doesn’t claim any “legacy” inheritance from any historical knights hospitallers but celebrate and emulate their work and dedication to the ill and underprivileged. This new category is exclusive to health professionals and donors to medical/health related causes. The ranks are: Knight/Dame Hospitaller, Knight/Dame Hospitaller Commander, Grand Knight/Dame Hospitaller Commander, Knight/Dame Hospitaller Grand Cross.

3rd – The knights and dames that don’t pay their annual minimum dues/donations will be put in an inactive status in the first year and will have their membership terminated and knighthood revoked if the situation persists in the second year. Any knights and dames going through financial duress may communicate with the Grand chancellery within the time of paying the respective dues explaining in writing their cases.

Signed with the Great Seat in Los Angeles, United States of America, on May 5th 2019.”

More about the Equestrian Order of Michael Archangel HERE

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