2020 is our Anniversary!!!

18th hundred years anniversary

The oldest Arab Royal House in the world, the oldest Christian Royal House in the world still active, the Arab Dynasty that ruled more territory and for the longest period of time is completing 18 Centuries Anniversary! In 220 CE, King Jafna Ibn Amr has founded in present-day Syria the Kingdom of Ghassan (first Ghassanid State) being preceded by several different realms staying in power until the 18th century in present-day Lebanon. However no longer ruling, the family members kept the sovereign claim alive by using the titles until the present day. Today, the Sovereign Imperial and Royal House of Ghassan is accredited by the United Nations with the Special Consultative Status and also recognized by the Presidential Decree number 5800 by the Lebanese Government.

In 2020, HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor has decreed a full year of celebrations with several events and initiatives. Check our blogs and websites for more information very soon!

Learn more about the Ghassanid Dynasty watching this documentary

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