The Royal House of Ghassan opens office in Geneva, Switzerland

The Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland

The Sovereign Imperial Royal House of Ghassan, in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC and officially recognized by the Government of the Lebanese Republic by Presidential decree number 5,800/2019, has opened an office in Geneva, Switzerland, in order to participate in the UN’s Human Rights meetings and discussions taking place around the Palais des Nations. Due to COVID-19 regulations, no special event was held to celebrate this important landmark, however the representation of the Royal House have been actively participating in the UN meetings since September.

Meetings may be arranged by contacting the office at

Official statement about the 2020 US elections

I’d like to congratulate president elect Joe Biden and vice-president elect Kamala Harris for the victory in the 2020 elections. Regarding the fraud accusations by President Trump, we support that they should be meticulously investigated and adjudicated and if, and only if, it’s proven beyond the reasonable doubt its significant impact on the numbers, the results should be contested. Otherwise we hope and pray for a peaceful transition. God Bless America!

HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII, Head of the Sovereign Imperial and Royal House of Ghassan

HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor to represent International Monarchical Forum in the US and Lebanon

Today it was officially announced that HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Nu’man VIII was appointed to represent the FIMO (International Monarchical Forum) as the head to the United States and Lebanon delegations. The Forum’s initiative was founded by the Monarchical Union of Spain presided by Don Joaquin Corominas.
The Forum aims to bring together all the world’s monarchists and all the monarchist movements, related Associations and non-governmental and governmental institutions of all countries. Promoting the Monarchy, its History and culture, through International Conferences, Forums and Summits. Currently, FIMO has delegations from over 30 countries. The events first edition to be held in São Paulo, Brazil in 2021.