An official statement by HIRH The Sovereign Prince of Ghassan

Unfortunately, from time to time, we have to clarify facts that have never changed but people seem to fabricate their own reality these days.

  1. I am proudly born and raised in Brazil in exile under the name “AHNUME GUERIOS” (the Portuguese transliteration of “ALNUMAN GHARIOS” or in Arabic النعمان غاريوس) My name has never changed, only the spelling since I moved to the United States. The Portuguese transliteration would be read by native English speakers in a completely different way. I only legally added the titles and our original last name “EL CHEMOR” (also written ACH-CHMORR, SHAMMAR, SHAMIR or SHUMMAR in Arabic الشمرّ) since “GHARIOS” is originally a given name (not a surname) meaning “GREGORY” in Aramaic, the mother tongue of Jesus Christ. History tells us that when my ancestor and last Ghassanid Christian ruler HIRH Prince Sheikh Youssef El Chemor was killed by the Ottoman empire, his sons had to flee the Zgharta-Zewye region (today’s northern Lebanon) and changed their names not to be killed. HIRH Prince Sheikh Gharios Youssef El Chemor had a son named HIRH Prince Sheikh Antoun and instead of naming him with the last name EL CHEMOR he decided to name him with the surname “GHARIOS”. That’s well documented. The other brothers FARHAT, and HOBBEIKA did the exact same with their sons and daughters, afraid of being killed. I mention my name and origins on all of my websites and social media as well as during my interviews,
  2. Fast forward to WWI, my family had to leave the region due to the persecution by the Ottoman empire to all the Christians. That fact made hundreds of thousands of Syrian Lebanese migrate to Brazil to escape the Ottoman empire. According to official data, there are more Lebanese living in Brazil (approx. 7-8 million) than in Lebanon (approx. 4 million). Brazil even recently had a president of Lebanese descent, His Excellency Dr. Michel Temer,
  3. Our internationally recognized titles are “Prince of Ghassan” and/or “Prince of the Ghassanids”. Although my ancestors ruled as sovereign parts of Northern Lebanon (Al-Akhoura and Zghartha-Zewiye) until the 18th century. We never claimed to be “Princes of Lebanon”. The only family that can use the title “Prince of (Mount) Lebanon” is the Chehab family (also Shihab, Shehab, etc. in Arabic الشهابي), our cousins by marriage. Country names like Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, etc. are from the 20th century, after WWI and WWII. When my direct family left today’s Lebanon, the country was an Ottoman province,
  4. The process of adding the titles legally to my name was analyzed by 3 judges in Brazil and 2 in the United States and was executed under the terms of the international treaty known as the 1958 NY Convention, recognized by 172 nations,
  5. Although we claim to be some of the first Christian knights in history (almost five centuries before the first crusade) We do not claim any historical order of chivalry since it’s well documented that the Ghassanid knights had all the elements of European Chivalry, but they didn’t organize themselves in orders ‘per se’, they just used to fight under the banner of Jesus Christ, our patron Saint Sergius (Serkis), Michael Archangel, and other angels,
  6.  I still recommend people watch our documentaries to understand the history of the Middle East, something so ignored in the West for so many years.

The Christian Kings of the Middle East

The Royal Legacy

March 20th, 2023

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII

Head of the Sovereign Imperial and Royal House of Ghassan

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