The easily debunked 2017’s Cicero magazine article

We didn’t manifest ourselves before because the “so-called article” is so preposterous that we’ve trusted the reader’s intelligence and good sense to detect the absurdity of the magazine’s claims and, we didn’t even want to entertain this “post-truth/yellow journalism” piece since, paraphrasing the late Brazilian journalist Paulo Francis: “you should not increase an idiot’s voice” or even the famous quote attributed to Bernard Shaw: “’… never wrestle with a pig, you get dirty and besides the pig likes it.” 

The assumptions are so ludicrous, full of obvious sophisms, some going even against simple logic. 

A “sophism” is a fallacious argument, especially one used deliberately to deceive. For example, “Hitler was a vegetarian. Hitler was a nazi. Vegetarians are Nazis.” 

We’re not even entertaining the “ad hominem” attacks on Prince Gharios like the racist offense calling him a “gorilla” – a sad and unfortunate reminder of the nazi propaganda – and a “C-class actor”. Obviously, for the lack of real arguments, the desperate infantile solution is “name-calling”

The REAL reason behind the article

It’s easy to understand the reason why Prince Gharios was attacked by the German magazine. 

In 2015-16, German Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed the entrance in Germany of around two million refugees (mostly Muslims) from the Syrian and North African conflicts. That immediately generated revolt from the political opposition.

As time passed, many of the refugees started to create serious problems like when 1,200 women were reportedly sexually assaulted during the 2015–16 public New Year’s Eve’s celebrations in Germany–16_New_Year’s_Eve_sexual_assaults_in_Germany

Merkel was elected by the CDU(Protestants) and CSU (Catholics) coalition. However, the Catholics never liked the chancellor and liked even less after the growing criminality due to Merkel welcoming the Muslim refugees. 

By the time the fake news article was created, it was known that Prince Gharios was having meetings all over the world to create the Council of Middle Eastern Christians. Several members of the German Parliament were championing the idea, not only because it’d help to save Christianity in the Middle East but because it was the perfect political rehabilitation and legacy to Merkel, hosting and sponsoring the permanent council in Berlin

Below, Prince Gharios with the President, Vice-President, and several members of the German parliament in 2015-16

The article itself mentions that it was broadly announced that Prince Gharios was meeting with Merkel’s allies to further develop the project

Obviously, the powerful opposition to Merkel, couldn’t let that happen. According to an intercepted email exchange, there was also a significant growing fear from laymen Catholic leaders, that the Royal House of Ghassan could, due to the unique historical authority of the Ghassanids, monopolize the Catholic donations in Germany.

Prince Gharios had to be stopped at any cost.

Ask yourself, why would a German political magazine write a “tabloid-like” article, spending a lot of money sending its chief reporter and a photographer to Rome to interview Prince Gharios? If his claims were such a joke, why would they even bother writing an article

Even though the claims in the article were laughable, it achieved its objective which was to prevent Merkel to sponsor the Council for Middle Eastern Christians in Germany

Since “time is the lord of reason” (Portuguese saying) the article ended up debunking itself

Especially because its central claim goes against the immutable laws of physics. How could prince Gharios “invent” his family’s history since he was born in 1973 and there are books and documents written by Patriarch Duaihy 300 years ago and the latest book about the family was published in 1948, 25 years before the prince was even born! The only possible way is time travel. Since that’s not scientifically possible, the central argument is easily refuted.

The family’s titles are public, printed on the passport of the Lebanese family members, and mentioned on official government documents since the times of the Ottoman Empire until the present days. The family’s history is notorious, echoed by the official media outlets of the Lebanese Ministry of Information.

See an official Lebanese governmental website quoting the book and the sworn English translation

According to an affidavit by the world’s leading Maronite scholar Dr. Antoine Daou, the history of the El Chemor family was never contested since it was written

Not a single academic reason, refutation, evidence, or reference against it was presented. Never one single line was written against its accuracy in seven decades. And, both the Lebanese government and the Maronite church consider the book an “essential historical reference” cited in several official sources

The book has been recently cited by several leading newspapers and also as a source by the Encyclopedia of Maronite Families by the prestigious Notre Dame Catholic University in Lebanon corroborating and quoting all the claims. 

The book’s author was a well-known and respected historian, having published dozens of books in the Middle East and Europe and having received the highest academic honor from the French Government (The Order of Academic Palms). 

All those claims were made by multiple historians and family members centuries before Prince Gharios was even born. The capital proof is on the bonafide bibliography and vast documentation available, rectified by the Ottoman Empire and Lebanese government.

On the contrary, actual experts on the respective fields of Maronite history and Arab Royal Succession put their names and reputations on the line to defend Prince Gharios’ claims. One of the leading Maronite historians alive, Professor Dr. Abbot Antoine Daou, and none less than the world’s leading expert in Middle Eastern Royal Succession, Dr. Joseph Kéchichian, made sworn affidavits recognizing the history and rights of the El Chemor/Gharios family and also the personal rights of Prince Gharios to the titles.

Documents available following the links

After the spurious article was published (January 2017) the Royal House of Ghassan only grew exponentially. Three months later the Royal Family was officially received by the President of Lebanon, Gen. Michel Aoun. Obviously, the people that meet the president are meticulously screened and vetoed by the secret service even as a security measure. If the article had any merit, would the president meet Prince Gharios and his family? The next day the president’s political enemies (and he had many) would have a feast and it’d be in all Lebanese newspapers!

Google translation of the leading Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar (founded in 1933) article commenting on the Presidential agenda citing the Royal House of Ghassan delegation and addressing Prince Gharios by the title (May 8th 2017)
Original in Arabic citing the official presidential audience of the Royal House of Ghassan lead by “Al-Amir (The Prince) (Al) Nu’man Gharios”

The original article can be accessed here

More about the An-Nahar newspaper here

Lebanese TV announcing that the Royal House of Ghassan was officially received by the President of the Republic

A month later, the very same happened with the Albanian head of state.

Ghassanid Royal Family was officially received by the Albanian President in June 2017

During 2017, 2018, and 2019 Prince Gharios and the royal house of Ghassan were investigated by the Secret Service (intelligence), the ministry of foreign affairs and immigrants, and also by the ministry of interior culminating with the presidential decree 5800/2019 officially recognizing the Royal House of Ghassan and allowing it to have an official branch in Lebanon. Again, if any of the allegations were true, why it was not cited in any of the reports? 

The sworn translation is here

The sworn translation of the Presidential decree 5800/2019 RECOGNIZING THE ROYAL HOUSE OF GHASSAN

Some ignorant critics allege that the recognition was “just as a foreign association”. If that was the case, why a vote by the cabinet of ministers and the signature of both the head of state and the head of government was required? A simple act like the acceptance of an NGO branch would be done by a mediocre clerk, not by the highest officials of the republic! Like in any country, those simple registrations are made without even the knowledge of presidents and prime ministers! Imagine if the ministers and the president had to vote for every single organization that opens a branch in the country! They’d only do that the whole day!

Also, after the article’s publication why did Prince Gharios was invited to official government events by the Lebanese government using his full titles? 

If princess Lodi El Chemor “the palace’s inhabitant” never knew Prince Gharios and the family was “not royal”, why is that her eldest son HIRH Prince Sheikh Selim El Chemor, the crown prince of Ghassan, is the official representative of the Lebanese branch of the Royal House of Ghassan

Why does he accompany Prince Gharios to the majority of official events?

Why was he officially recognized by the minister of interior in 2022 as the lawful representative of the Royal House of Ghassan in Lebanon? 

When the magazine was asked for any evidence that the alleged interview with Princess Lodi even took place they couldn’t provide a single audio recording or document to corroborate it. Especially because she was not even at home when the magazine claims to have interviewed her, she was at the hospital for months which culminated in her passing. 

If Dr. Michael Hesemann would immediately (2017) turn up his office as the president of the Prince Gharios Foundation in Germany, why is he still the president even participating in the 2022’s documentary “the royal legacy”? 

Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher couldn’t attend the Vatican concert due to a notorious Lufthansa strike.  

Currently, he’s the second most powerful Christian leader in the world, being the Secretary general of the WEA – the world evangelical alliance, with over 600 million followers worldwide. Why after the article’s publication he still stays with Prince Gharios until today? Why was he at the Lebanon presidential visit, the Albanian presidential visit, and many other official public events by prince Gharios’ side until today? 

(Above) Archbishop Thomas Schirrmacher sends official congratulations letter for the 2023 Royal Wedding

What amazes any person with a minimum sense of logic is that the “article” recognizes that Prince Gharios is from the family he claims to be, also that he was invested as a Knight of the Papal Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, they acknowledge that the Royal House is accredited by the United Nations, that the Order of Michael Archangel was Blessed by Pope Francis and got ecclesiastical recognition by the Catholic Church.

The only justification for an article from this kind of magazine would be if Prince Gharios was from a different family since neither a single scholarly argument nor reference is presented to the actual legal and historical claims. It’s “blindingly obvious” that a German magazine has “ultra vires” rights of invalidating any foreign royal titles since it doesn’t have either the credentials, competence, or jurisdiction to “rule” over middle eastern sovereign claims, ultimately deciding who’s valid and who isn’t. Also, their absolute lack of knowledge of the “status quaestionis” or scholarly consensus regarding the legal rights of deposed sovereigns and their descendants is categorically evident

Since the prosecution/accusation unequivocally always has the burden of proof, it’s obvious that all those “distractions” were used in the article to avoid the real scholarly frontal debate about the El Chemor family’s legal claims for which the “pseudo-intellectual magazine” has not presented a sole valid and acceptable argument against, not a single corroborating line or book reference. That cowardly avoidance of a real academic debate and the complete disregard of the actual scholarly evidence shows either monumental stupidity or incredible intellectual dishonesty. Pathetically, the “german nostalgic pamphlet”, (missing the times that German magazines could compare Semitic people to wild animals) just created a pyrotechnic show throwing lies, sophisms, malice, and gossip, not only disrespecting their own readers but leveling themselves to a tasteless grocery store tabloid and joining the infamous “fake news club”.

In the end, all the claims raised by the pseudo-article were utterly innocuous, irrelevant, and worthy of never-ending laughter.

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