What’s the problem with mankind?

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From the ancient Chinese philosophical principle of “Yin-Yang” we learn that everything has its positive and negative aspect. Electricity, and therefore the reading of this article, wouldn’t be possible without the positive and negative poles.

You don’t need much investigation to perceive the negative side of mankind. Just a quick look in the world news gives us a very dark diagnosis about it. In other words, what’s bad about mankind is really bad. However, although not very much announced, what’s good about mankind is really good. I still choke every time I remember reading about this American teenager that had cancer and had to shave his head. His classmates decided that the whole class should do the same. What a beautiful demonstration of solidarity! I’m sure the event was not as much covered than the beheadings of the Islamic State. “A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest.” That’s a very disappointing truth.

I honestly believe that the so-called “superiority” of our species it’s very relative. Genesis (1:27), states that God created human beings in His own image. That would easily explain the magnificent capacity we have to think and create amazing things. To find the cure of diseases and to put men on the surface of the moon. But also our “capacity” of stupidly destroying our planet, our very own habitat, compromising the future of our offspring reflects more a virus’ than a deity’s behavior.

But truly, what’s the problem with mankind?

In one word? Ignorance. We are ignorant. We don’t think long term. We cannot see, beyond our ego and interests, the big picture. We are not capable of comprehending the interdependence of the Universe. Meaning, we don’t ponder that by harming our fellow beings (human or not), we are harming ourselves.

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I know, that may sound like Pope Francis’ last speech or something taken from a Dalai Lama’s self-help book. But it can be easily proven in practice. I’m openly in favor of capitalism. However, I truly believe we are facing an extreme situation regarding the wealth distribution in the whole world. Am I a communist? Never! But you can see in cities like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, how amazingly dangerous a bad wealth distribution can be.

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There you have the rich people living in “cages”, highly luxuriant apartments inside fortresses with electrified barbwire fences and 24/7 heavily armed security. Those people cannot enjoy a nice drive by the lovely beaches on their expensive cars with their windows down. They cannot freely smell the sea breeze without risking being robbed or even worse, kidnapped.  Since it’s very common for the drug dealers exchange bullets anytime of the day, their cars must be – no matter what – bulletproof.

Image result for carro de luxo blindado tiros rioThen, comes a reflection: what’s the use of having so much money if they cannot enjoy it?

Unfortunately, that sad reality won’t take much time to reach the United States and Europe. There’s nothing wrong about having money and nice things but we are losing the common sense, we are losing the balance. There’s not much difference between the life of a multimillionaire and of a billionaire. They both can afford the best homes, the best cars and the best lifestyle. But greed and ignorance makes them want more and more, usually not enjoying the money they already have because they spend so much time working for more.

The same with the environment. Regardless of the debate of if global warming is made by men or not, what’s the problem of living a most responsible life? A more conscious life about the planet we live in?

I always say that we have to change our mindset. We have to understand, once for all, that we are the janitors of this planet, not the landlords!  Image result for harmony

We are responsible for our fellow beings. There’s no true happiness if that’s based on somebody else’s suffering. Harmony is the word! Let’s find it! Instead of being radical right or radical left, let’s find the middle way! How can a rich person still be rich but being aware of the suffering of others and the well-being of the planet?

Adapting the famous speech by American president Bill Clinton, I honestly believe that there is nothing wrong with mankind that cannot be cured with what is right in mankind. So help us God!

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII

The Real Majesty part 3 – Words of wisdom from the late Archduke of Austria


His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Otto von Habsburg (20 November 1912 – 4 July 2011), also known by his royal name as Archduke Otto of Austria, was the last Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary. The realm comprised modern-day Austria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and parts of Italy, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. He became the pretender to the former thrones, Head of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine, and Sovereign of the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1922, upon the death of his father. The current head of the House (since 2007) is his son, His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Karl Habsburg-Lothringen (born in 1961). HIRH Archduke Otto left us in 2011.

Both videos presented here, show the wisdom of a Catholic prince that sees beyond the labels. And sees the greater good with the eyes of a scholar and a real statesman. May we “drink” from the elixir of his wisdom.

With appreciation and admiration,

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII

Prince Gharios El Chemor meets Brazilian Minister Jose Serra

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor with HE Minister Jose Serra at the Barclay Hotel in NY

While in New York, HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor Al-Numan VIII met informally His Excellency Jose Serra, the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Minister was in New York for the United Nations General Assembly. The meeting took place at the Intercontinental Barclay Hotel and the minister was very interested in the prince’s work protecting the Christians and Muslims promoting the peace and dialog. Also, about the prince’s participation in the IPPFoRB – International Parliamentarian Panel for Freedom of Religion or Belief.

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor is interviewed by Brazilian TV while visiting NGO

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII was interviewed by Record TV in Brazil while visiting the NGO “Orquestrando a vida” (“Orchestrating the Life”). The NGO is an example for the world since takes unprivileged children and teach them classical music.

The above video is in Portuguese

More about the NGO http://orquestrandoavida.com.br/
More about the prince http://www.princegharios.org/

Order of Saint Michael Archangel has confraternization dinner in Brazil

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII presided the confraternization dinner for the Sacred Order of Saint Michael Archangel in Campos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 4th 2016. The dinner was in celebration of the creation of the Grand Priory of Brazil and the investiture of new knights and dames.

More about the Order http://www.michaelarchangel.org/

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor receives support from the Catholic Church in Brazil

Dom Roberto Francisco Ferreria Paz during his homily at the solemn investiture of knights and dames in Brazil

The official trip to Brazil was a huge success. The creation of the Grand Priory of Brazil of the Sacred Order of Saint Michael Archangel and the investiture of sixteen knights and two dames was unforgettable according to the audience.

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor was blessed by the support of the Catholic Church in Brazil by having His Most Reverend Excellency Dom Roberto Francisco Ferreria Paz as the Grand Chaplain General for the whole country.


Dom Roberto Francisco Ferrería Paz is a Catholic bishop, head of the Diocese of Campos, Rio de Janeiro State in Brazil. He did his philosophy studies at the Major Seminary of Our Lady of the Conception in Viamão. Studies of Theology at the Institute of Theology and Religious Studies at the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, and also at the Theological Institute of the Archdiocese of Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro. He obtained a specialization in History at the University of Montevideo, and the Masters in Canon Law at the Archdiocesan Institute of Canon Law of Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, got specializations in Notaries Ecclesiasticus, Catholic Matrimonial Law, further training for judges and Ecclesiastical Courts, Bioethics, Research Ethics, Spirituality, Bioethics and religious traditions. He was ordained priest on December 16, 1989. Was a professor of Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and the Theological Institute of St John Vianney

dom roberto

(CETJOV) in Viamão Seminar, 1990-1996. Judge of the Ecclesiastical Tribunal, 1990-2006 and Judicial Vicar of the Regional Interdiocesan Court of Appeal since 2006. He was president of the Archdiocesan Commission for Social Communications. On December 19,

2007 was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI as Auxiliary Bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Niterói with acacia titular. On February 22, 2008 was ordained bishop in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Porto Alegre, by Archbishop Alano Maria Pena. Don Roberto

chose as episcopal motto of life: In libertatem vocati estis. On June 8, 2011 Pope Benedict XVI appointed him bishop for the Diocese of Campos.

dom fernando
HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor with Dom Fernando Rifan

The prince also received the valuable support from Catholic Bishop Dom Fernando Areas Rifan, a proud Lebanese descendant. His Excellency The Right Reverend
Fernando Arêas Rifan is the Titular Bishop of Cedamusa and the Apostolic Administrator of the Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney, which is also called the Priestly Union of Saint Jean-Marie Vianney.

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HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor is acclaimed for lectures ministered in Brazil

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII visited Brazil from August 1st to 10th 2016 and ministered lectures about the situation in the Middle East and its effects in the Western world in five venues: at UCAM – Candido Mendes University (Latin America’s oldest private University founded in 1902), at the Fluminense Federal Institute (Technical Faculty), at the City Parliament (founded in 1652), at the Maria Imaculada Diocesan Seminary and at the Imaculada Conceicao Catholic Seminary. The lectures were very appreciated and acclaimed by the audience and the press.

(the above video is in the Portuguese language)

More about HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor HERE

Order of Saint Michael has Investiture Ceremony and a new Grand Priory in Brazil

The Sacred Order of Saint Michael Archangel had a beautiful investiture ceremony and the creation of the Grand Priory of Brazil on August 4th 2016. The event happened at the Campos Catholic Cathedral in Rio de Janeiro. Presiding the Grand Master HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII and the Grand Chaplain of Brazil HER Dom Roberto Francisco Ferreria Paz, the Catholic Bishop of Campos, Brazil. The Order is legally chartered under the Sovereign Imperial and Royal House of Ghassan, recently accredited and affiliated to the United Nations.

More about the accreditation with the United Nations HERE

More about the Order HERE


HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor meets dignataries from the Kingdom of Bahrain

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor with Mr. Yousif Buzaboon (left) and Dr. Abdulatif Al Khaja (right)

On the 16th and 17th of July, in Amman, capital of Jordan, HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor met with two representatives from the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Mr. Yousif Buzaboon is the chairman of the Bahrain Society for Religious Coexistence & Tolerance and Dr. Abdulatif Al Khaja, member of the board of the same society , also known Middle Eastern diplomat and executive of several companies in the countries of the GCC .

Prince Gharios El Chemor offered the visitors a dinner at the Little Italy restaurant, one of the best Italian restaurants in the Middle East. Meetings resumed at the Sheraton Hotel in Amman.

The purpose of the meetings is the attempt to create a cooperation between the Royal House of Ghassan with all its organizations, the Bahrain Society for Religious Coexistence & Tolerance and the Kingdom of Bahrain. The scope of this cooperation is the establishment of an official annual event to be held in Bahrain and a practical yearly agenda to promote effective tolerance and coexistence in the Middle East.

At the dinner with the dignitaries from Bahrain (left) and representatives from the Royal House of Ghassan in Jordan, Miss Reham Makhlouf and in Bahrain, Mr. Mohammed Zackarias

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