Royal House of Ghassan is officially received by Lebanese President in private audience


‪The Ghassanid Royal Family and the board of the Royal House of Ghassan were honored to be received in a private audience by The Lebanese President General Michel Aoun. Prince Gharios El Chemor discussed with President Aoun a cooperation to promote several programs in Lebanon including education and to make Lebanon the leader of religious dialogue in the region. Special thanks to Prince Gharios’ cousin Dr. Naji Gharios, Member of the Lebanese Parliament and international councilor of the Royal House of Ghassan. Present at the audience with the President several members of the board of the Royal House: Prince Gharios El Chemor, Dr. Naji Gharios, Sheikh Selim El Chemor, Dr. Elie Gharios, Camil Gharios and Professor Thomas Schirrmaher from Germany.


After the private audience, Lebanese President Gen. Michel Aoun received the highest rank of the Order of Saint Michael Archangel at the presidential palace in Baabda.

Google translation of the leading Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar (founded in 1933) article commenting on the Presidential agenda citing the Royal House of Ghassan delegation and addressing Prince Gharios by the title (May 8th 2017)

Original in Arabic citing the official presidential audience of the Royal House of Ghassan lead by “Al-Amir (The Prince) (Al) Nu’man Gharios

The original article can be accessed here 

More about the An-Nahar newspaper here

OTV (Lebanese TV station) announced the official audience with the Royal House of Ghassan.