Royal House of Ghassan joins forces with IDC – In Defense of Christians

Yesterday, HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor met with Mr. Toufic Baaklini at the headquarters of IDC-In Defense of Christians in Washington DC. The heads of IDC and the Royal House of Ghassan decided to partner to fight the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. The prince has declared that many wonderful organizations around the world are working for the cause and all must be in harmony to make this work more efficient. He has also manifested the need of major actions and strategies in order to revert the nefarious scene in the region. IDC is one of the few organizations in the world completely independent of any special interests working very successfully influencing legislation and working with political and religious leaders in the US and internationally. The Royal House of Ghassan is also in favor of a completely non-partisan and ecumenical stand. Also, the interaction with major political international players is more than necessary for success. In that spirit, prince Gharios put all the Royal House’s resources, including the representation at the United Nations, at complete disposal of IDC. Mr. Baaklini has also concurred with a deep cooperation between both organizations. Prince Gharios El Chemor has honored Mr. Baaklini with the rank of Knight Commander of the Equestrian Order of Michael Archangel and Mr. Peter Burns, IDC’s Government Relations and Policies Director, with the rank of knight.

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2 thoughts on “Royal House of Ghassan joins forces with IDC – In Defense of Christians

  1. As. Christian of faith and knight of honor, please count me to stand at your side and serve you in this just and worthy cause!
    In Jesus Holy Name I pray.
    H. E. Count Kent Farquhar, KGCI, KC

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